Sean O'Hare is owner and operator of OHare Knives.  Sean has been making handcrafted custom knives since 2001 moving to full time knife making in early 2009.  He strives to make each of his handmade knives with a clean well thought out design that is both great looking but also very functional. All his knives are built to last a lifetime.

At present his custom knives are mostly stock removal via flat grinding but some knives are forged, ex. most carbon damascus you will see on this site is forged by Sean.  He strives to ensure that the materials used will best suit the intended tasks for a given knife.  Typical steels used are CPM154CM, CTS XHP, O1, or Damascus as these steels are of excellent quality and well suited to handmade custom knives. 

Handle materials include Stabilized Woods, Carbon Fiber, G10, and Micarta are used on most custom knives but also Mammoth Ivory, Water Buffalo Horn, or Giraffe Bone can be ordered.  Arizona Desert Ironwood has also been added to the inventory and although not stabilized it is hard!  Sean does his best to use handle materials that not only look great but will stand the test of time.

Things to watch for in coming months:

    • New Flipper Designs
    • An All Mokuti Handled Folder
    • Will Soon be Offering Zircuti on Select Models